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Industry Info

iGGi is excited to be working with a wide range of partners from Industry and Academia to facilitate Knowledge Exchange. These collaborations take shape in multiple ways, but some of the most common include:
  • iGGi Placements: during their time at iGGi, each PhD Researcher will spend a minimum of 8 weeks (but typically around 3+ months) on placement. Companies who so far hired iGGi PG Researchers for this type of Knowledge Exchange include big players such as Google Deep Mind, Microsoft, and Sony, but also a number of SMEs.

  • iGGi Seminars/Workshops: iGGi Seminars and Workshops are held in regular intervals around the year in various formats (i.e. online, in person, hybrid). These include Talks by invited guest speakers from industry or academia, Workshops organised by either our researchers/supervisors or one of our partners, Panels with up to four contributors, Demos on a specific technical topic or developed game, Hackathons on a problem defined by an Industry Partner, and Masterclasses.


  • iGGi Conference: the next iGGi Conference takes place 13+14 Sep 2023 at Queen Mary University of London. The iGGi Conference is an annual public event (registration necessary). Existing iGGi PG Researchers present their current work via exhibition and talks. Keynote speakers and panellists include members of Games Industry and iGGi Alumni. The iGGi Conference has become a niche networking platform for Games Industry and the wider Games Community. ​For the first time this year, a Mini Expo/Job Fair will run on the 2nd conference day (14 Sep) in parallel to the main track. The setup will comprise a dedicated gallery/space for Industry Stands. Apart from the conference attendees, we also expect footfall from the university's staff and students. The idea is that PG Researchers and Industry Members get an opportunity for informal 1-2-1 conversation, for either general chat, Knowledge Exchange, finding placement matches, or post-doc positions.

  • iGGi Projects/Co-funding: companies such as Microsoft, Creative Assembly, and Square Enix have defined research projects based on a complex problem relevant to them; this resulted in several successful (ongoing) collaborations where iGGi PGRs’ research proposals were matched to fit the respective project. In a few cases, a company decided to co-fund the studentship in return for research collaboration/IP rights. We are always actively looking for Industry to give direction and vocalise research needs.


  • iGGi Supervision Teams: we strongly support the idea that each iGGi PGR’s supervision team should include at least one external supervisor, ideally someone who is actively working/engaged in the Games Industry.

  • Post-doc Positions: with a now steady trickle of iGGi PG Researchers who are completing their doctorate, we can help promote post-doc positions which an Industry Partner wishes to advertise; in some cases, we can even put the partner in touch with a potentially matching candidate.

  • Sponsorship of Events: Industry Partners can sponsor either a whole iGGi event or an element thereof, in turn for a customised return (e.g., marketing). iGGi can provide further info on request. 

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